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Fat Burning


Fat Burning Times Are Here Again!  That’s right Baby Boomers (BB) & Friends!  I have found a FAT BURNING RECIPE BOOK that is designed specifically for those of us folks 55 years and older.  In their book, The Fat Burning Kitchen’, Mike Geary & Catherine Ebeling have identified foods we normally associate with good health. However, in reality some of these ‘Healthy Foods’ help add fat to our waistline.  This book gives you the knowledge you need to burn off fat and keep it off!

Now…Here’s the Great News!  THIS BOOK IS FREE!!!  That’s right…this book is absolutely FREE!  Of course you have to read through Geary’s entire article (about 90 seconds) or just scroll down to the end.  But the article is worth reading!  It gives a lot of insight  to what your body needs and doesn’t need to ward off unnecessary fat. The following are just a few of areas he discusses  in his article:

Burning Question #1:

 How many of the following are you currently struggling with?

  • Stubborn belly fat that will NOT go away, regardless of the diets you try
  • Painful or uncomfortable bloating (especially after eating meals)
  • Fat gain in strange places (chest in men, belly in ladies, for example)
  • Painful joints
  • Digestive issues (IBS, gas, stomach discomfort, constipation and/or diarrhea)
  • Dry, aging skin & hair (looking older than you really are…)
  • Energy swings (low energy before eating, high after… then crash)
  • Constant craving of carbohydrates
  • Trouble sleeping (can’t fall asleep and/or stay asleep)
  • Moody and irritable if you get too hungry
  • Indigestion

If you identify with any one of those examples, then this book is a MUST to have in the kitchen!   

Burning Question #2:

Why is wheat not good for you…even whole wheat?

Geary & Ebeling gives you three reasons why wheat is not good for you:

Reason #1 — Wheat causes blood sugar disruption, Glycation of your cells, increases AGING, weight gain & boosts Diabetes risk

Reason #2 — Gluten and other gut-damaging compounds cause digestive issues and other autoimmune problems

Reason #3 — Antinutrients and mineral blockers in wheat

Burning Question #3:

Why is Vegetable Oils not good for you?

They also give you three reasons you should never use Vegetable Oils:

Reason #1 — Vegetable oils usually contain deadly trans fats, even if non-hydrogenated

Reason #2 — Vegetable oils contain oxidized “mutated fats” that are worse than trans fat & CAUSE heart attacks

Reason #3 — Vegetable oils cause massive imbalances with your Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats ratio


Finally, they tell you The TRUTH about sugar… You can’t just “burn off” sugar…

Here are just a few of the reasons that sugar is killing you…

  • Just like we talked about above with wheat, sugar also causes extreme fluctuations in your blood sugar, and excess blood sugar causes Glycation inside your body, which accelerates the rate of aging of your organs, skin, arteries, and joints.
  • Sugar also raises your triglycerides to dangerous levels, which can lead you to heart disease.
  • If that weren’t bad enough, eating sugar too frequently also causes type 2 diabetes in the long run because you wear out your pancreas and insulin sensitivity.
  • And if you need even MORE reasons why sugar will kill you, sugar also slows down your white blood cells, making infection more likely, and even allowing CANCER cells a better chance to form in your body.

The Amazing Weight Loss System

Geary calls ‘The Fat Burning Kitchen’ Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine

Inside this brand new FREE book, you’ll discover:

  • The true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete… 
  • The truth about polyunsaturated fats (omega-6’s and omega-3’s)
  • Which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars
  • The real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol, and why they are essential in your diet
  • The “whole grain” deception
  • Why that skim milk may not be so good for you after all
  • A healthy fat-burning burger option? 
  • Why soymilk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat
  • Are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning and making you AGE faster? 
  • The ONLY truly healthy options for sweeteners…
  • A surprisingly healthy fat 
  • Why egg whites are actually WORSE for you than whole eggs
  • Do diet sodas and other diet drinks hurt your fat loss efforts? 
  • Is whole milk actually better for you than skim milk? 
  • A type of saturated fat that actually helps to stimulate your metabolism
  • Does green tea or oolong tea really increase your metabolism and help weight loss?
  • Which fruits & veggies are okay to choose non-organic

These are just some of the secrets to help permanently transform your diet and force your body to burn fat more effectively, while also preventing diabetes.  I highly recommend to all my fellow BB & Friends to buy this book and change your kitchen into a Fat Burning Kitchen!