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Fly for Free & Travel on a Shoestring Budget… 

 Flying Flying for many Baby Boomers (BB) & Our Friends  takes a big chunk out of our traveling budget.  Consequently we are always pinching the penny when we get to our destination(s).  If you are like me you’re always trying to find the next best deal to relieve that nagging problem.  That’s why I want to recommend to you the travel guide Why Not Fly Free’! , written by ‘David Tinney’.  In addition to saving you money on your next flying purchases, it comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  That’s something associated with flying, that you don’t find much of now-a-days. 

Flying Is Still The Best Way to Travel

I believe I am safe to say that flying is the best means of getting from one destination to another when planning a vacation.  Especially if you are planning multiple sites to visit.  In contrast, this is saying nothing against those Baby Boomers who love to travel by Car, Truck, or RV.   The guides on that type of vacation are found on other websites, such as Mountain Directory.  However, for those BB and Their Friends who wish to be catered to, nothing beats the comfort of flying…especially if you can FLY FOR FREE!

About The Author

For the past 15 years David Tinney has been flying a whopping  98% FREE.  Now that’s the type of savings we as Baby Boomers love!  Because he has been in the Travel Agency for twenty years, he is considered a specialist in this field by many of his colleagues. As David states, “Even though the price of airline tickets have gone out of site because of skyrocketing fuel prices and increased costs of airport security, there’s still a way you can beat the system’s high prices.”  With that said, why wouldn’t you want to purchase a book like Why Not Fly Free’!

Flying Free Strategies:

When reading this book you’ll learn the strategies to make flying free happen. David’s guide teaches you how to turn expenses into free travel…including:

  1.  Secrets the airlines DON’T want you to know
  2.  How your kids fly free
  3.  Strategy I use to get free airline tickets
  4.  How you can save up to 70% on First or Business Class
  5.  To fly anywhere in the world, only pay the ticket’s tax
  6.  How to take a vacation free, including airline tickets and hotel
  7.  The truth about last minute airfares

How could you possibly beat getting all that information in just one guide?  As one Baby Boomer to Another, it’s worth every penny!  ‘Why Not Fly Free’ is a MUST on your shelf!


FlyingI’m so sure you’ll be happy with my e-Book that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason with my e-Book, just let me know anytime within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll refund every penny you paid…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


David Tinney


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