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A J5 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT is yours for only a shipping and handling charge.  This is a $19.95 value and it’s yours just by J5 Tactical FlashlightSTARTING HERE.  It will definitely add to your peace of mind knowing that a loved one has this incredible flashlight with them at all time.  Whether it’s a wife, daughter, son, grandchild, or other loved ones, this is a safety tool you don’t want to be without.

Lost or Stranded

J5 Tactical FlashlightThis is a great light to have in times of distress, or if you’ve become lost or stranded.  With a lamp life of 100,000 hours an output of 250 lumens it will be easy to signal or locate individuals or lost items.  It also has a very rugged design that allows it to take a beating.

Additional Features J5 Tactical Flashlight

The 250LM J5 Tactical Flashlight also comes with these additional features:

  • Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Convex Lens Lamp
  • Super light size mini size, bright, blinding effect
  • Specially designed handle ensures an anti-slip grip
  • Output bright 250 lumens (MAX)
  • LED bulbs, producing super bright light
  • Attached with a convenient clip for added portability
  • Super high-grade aluminum alloy casing, solid and durable
  • Intelligent high/low/strobe mode cycling

Baby Boomers, this Is The Coolest Survival Tool You’ve Ever Seen…with a beam that can sweep light the length of over two football fields on a clear night.  It is compact and tough as nails. GO HERE to grab yours today and make sure that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always be prepared for any emergency situation.

Why Are They Doing This?

Quite Simple… The mission of the members of is to prepare every American to be able to protect themselves, and their family in any situation.  It is also their way of introducing you to and their range of products. They know that every time you see this tool, you will think of what other survival gear you may need and come back to them to buy more.