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THE BEACON is the Baby Boomers & Friends official FREE newsletter.  Hi folks, it’s  Boomer again.  I’m so glad to bring you another bi-weekly update on new and current BB events as well as amazing products and services.  If this is your first Beacon newsletter you’re in for some great bargains.  

In each newsletter I announce the top three products or services that the Baby Boomers selected these past two weeks.  They are listed below under BB’ Brightest P & S.  Just Click on the product title and it will take you right to that product’s website.  I also included a small summary for each item listed.  In addition, you’ll find listed some information about us Baby Boomers and what’s happening in our world.  So enjoy some good and interested info and take advantage of the amazing products and services available to you.  But hurry some of those bargains may not last very long.  HAPPY READING!  

       The Beacon’s ‘DID YOU KNOW’:       Baby Boomers’ Characteristics 

The key characteristic of Baby Boomers is the year of our birth.  The term Baby Boomer generation is a sociological term referring to Americans born during the post World War II period from 1946 thru 1964.  It soon became a marketing and advertising FAD and quickly became “main stream” in the public domain.

Define Our Generation


Along with the generation born between 1946 and 1964, we also look at the later part of the generation that came before us and the early part of the generation that came after us.  Because our generation had an effect on them as well.  So what we are really addressing  are the years from about 1935 to about 1980.  

These are just a few of the characteristics that shaped our generation:

  • We were the first generation that did not use ‘RATION COUPONS’ after WWII
  • We were the first generation to be directly effected by the nuclear bomb.
  • The term ‘Cold War’ was introduced in our generation.
  • We were the first generation to live under the threat of nuclear annihilation.
  • We were the first generation to be heavily influence by a phenomena called television.
  • ‘ROCKnROLL’ was introduce during our teen years.
  • We became a teenager sometime between 1953 and 1977.
  • New technologies became realities and had major influences on our day to day lives.
  • We had the greatest economy that had ever been seen in history (particularly in the US.).

As The Oldest Generation Today 

We are concerned with:

  • Our Retirement and Retirement Assets.
  • Our Health
  • Caring For Our Elderly Parents
  • Our Children’s Education

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    Where’s My Bed

  • The lifestyle of our children and grandchildren

BB Picture and Quote of the Day

Whenever I get the urge to exercise…I go lay down until the urge goes away!     

BBs Brightest P&S 

  1. Direct Cellars Wine of the Month Club:  This has been our top product purchase by Baby Boomers & Friends for over eight months now. If you love exclusive fine wines at below supermarket brand prices, than becoming a member is a must!  Check out the site HERE
  2. J5 Tactical Flashlight:  This the best bargain ever…since it’s for FREE.  What I especially love about this flashlight is its  lightweight & compact, it throws out a super light, and it has an incredible long lasting durable casing.  And, of course it’s FREE!  Did I Mention It Was FREE!!
  3. Rory Ricard’s ‘Link Post Blogging’ Training Program:  Without a doubt this is the most in-depth and comprehensive online marketing  program I have ever known.  It is also the most cost effective program.  You get an endless array of training videos, you also get assigned a mentor who walks you step by step in your training process.  If you are interested in a great online career then START HERE!  

Well that’s it for this biweekly edition of The BEACON.  If you want to share your thoughts and opinions just email me and I will share them with other Baby Boomers and Friends. 

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